Hammer Unions

Hammer Unions

MARS Hammer unions are available in a wide range of sizes and working pressure up to 15,000 PSI.Pressure seal, non-pressure seal and butt weld style are offered in various sizes and pressures.


MARS Starts with quality steel forging made to exacting specifications for the appropriate pressure ratings. MARS in one of the few companies to have in-house forging, die-making, heat treatment, testing and CNC machining facility. All materials meet ASTM and AISI standards. Raw materials are forged to precise dimensions and heat treated using most modern equipment and procedures. Hammer Unions are machined on latest state of the art CNC machines and are inspected for flawless threads, sure seating and other qualities that mean long, dependable service.


All MARS Hammer Unions provide pressure-tight, positive sealing. Types of seals vary according to pressure and application. For 1000 to 2000 psi (low pressure) services, the spherical surface of male sub and the cone shaped surface of the female provide a metal-to-metal seal. Even When one of there surfaces is not prefectly aligned or slightly pitted, the seal is still leak proof. For some application in the 2000 to 4000 psi (medium pressure) service range, the metal-to-metal seal is supplemented with a resilient seal ring.
For 6000 to 15000 (high pressure) services, lip type seal ring is part of the female sub. This seal ring reduces flow turbulence and protects the metal-to-metal seal from corrosion.


All MARS Hammer union assemblies of the same figure number, size and pressure rating are inter changeable with similar assemblies made by other leading manufactures.