Strength, Reliability, Economy, Technology, Expertise, Commitment,
- Forgings that fortify!
Economy, Technology, Expertise, Commitment,
- Forgings that fortify!
Strength, Reliability, Economy, Expertise, Commitment,
- Forgings that fortify!

Welcome to Mars Forge Pvt. Ltd.

At Mars Forge, we understand that our customers face an increasingly complex business environment, where excellence is constantly being futher refined and  finetuned ,the margins for errors are shrinking . We understand that sophisticated forgings form the backbone of any engineering enterprise.

With superior engineering,  latest technology upgraded equipments, committed human resources, and an unflinching commitment to excellence all converges to providing our customers with a vital asset.We know how important forgings are to our customers .We know that with every blow of the hammer we build the backbone of an engineering enterprise.

We have the ability to produce quality engineered solutions, in many areas of high and low pressure containment and control. We can work with both liquids and gases, at ambient and elevated temperatures. We have a flexible approach and the ability to offer from the outset carefully thought-out designs, which are cost effective, reliable,  with sensible lead times.


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