Open Die Forging

Mars Forge has aligned all its initiatives to give the most sophisticated end-to-end forging solutions - in addition to superbly crafted forged components we also cater our customers with all types of Open forgings like Shafts,Blocks,Spools, Ring forgings with a maximum single piece of 8000 kgs

Equipment : 1000MT Open forge Press with  8MT Rail bound Manipulator .

  Product Shape Dimensions
1 Round Shaft/Rolls D=150-700 mm
L=10,000 mm (max)
2 Square Shaft. A=130-1250 mm
L=10,000 mm (max)
3 Rectangular Bars A=130-1200 mm
B=130-1200 mm L=8000 mm (max)
4 Gear Blanks D=500-1400 mm
H=130 mm (min)
H=800 mm (max)
5 Ring Forging ID=300 mm (min)
OD=1800 mm (max)
H=80-650 mm
6 Hollow Shaft ID=300 mm (min)
OD=600 mm (max)
L=3000 mm (max)