About Mars Forge Private Limited

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Mars Forge Private Limited

Mars Forge Pvt. Ltd. started our journey in manufacturing forged components in 1989. Since then we have catered to Oil & Gas, Auto, Diesel Engines, Energy and various other engineering sectors. We are proud to announce that we are the only company in India to have API 6A Monogram License clubbed with API 20C Monogram License in a single unit.

At Mars Forge, we understand that our customers, face an increasingly complex business environment, where excellence is constantly being futher refined and the margins for error are shrinking by the hour. We understand that sophisticated forgings form the backbone of our customer's enterprise.

At Mars Forge, superior engineering, state-of-the-art equipment, committed human resources, and an unflinching commitment to excellence all converges to providing our customers with a vital asset. For we know how important forgings are to the oil & gas industry bussiness. We know that our customer reply on us. We know that with every blow of the hammer we are in fact building the backbone of our customer enterprise.

Mars Forge Provides with strong, reliable, and economical forged components that can accommodate the highest loads and stresses. The superior structural reliability and integrity of our forgings, their consistent machinability, uniform response to heat treatment and our stringent approach to inspection of quality combine to give you an irresistible bottom line: faster production rates, and lower costs!

At Mars Forge, we do what it takes, whatever it takes, to ensure that our customers, receive value for their money....and more!